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From Jose MarĂ­a Zaragoza <>
Subject Re: Tomcat DBCP & SQLServer failover
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2012 19:31:14 GMT
> How can you tell the difference between a primary server being "down"
> and the primary server needing to (otherwise?) fail-over to the
> backup? I'm confused about your nomenclature (primary failover means
> mirror -> primary?).

Well, I'm newbie in SQLServer but I think that  primary and mirror are
sending message to each other ( mirroring session )
When primary fails, mirror becomes the primary

About SQLServer documentation, when a connection is established to a
primary server (which is on a mirroring session) , is returned to it
the configuration of the mirror ( who is the primary, who is the
mirror ).
So, if there is a fail when you are using that connection, a
SQLException is thrown . About the SQLServer  , you must close that
connection and get a new one. In theory, this new connections knows
what is the right server to connect ( driver knows it )

So, this is my question: what does happen with connections living at pool ?

> AFAIK, DBCP knows nothing about failover: all that stuff happens at
> the JDBC driver-level.

I agree with you. Because of that,  I've got that question :-)

Thanks and regards

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