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From Bob DeRemer <>
Subject Any known issues using Tomcat for container/app management, but netty for communication
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2012 13:59:00 GMT
Hi Tomcat Community,

My goal is to use Netty for multiple-protocol communication handling, but run inside Tomcat
to leverage the overall application lifecycle support (deployment, control, monitoring, etc.).

To achieve this, I plan to disable all Connectors and use Netty for the actual communication.
 The appserver/listener model makes it very simple to manage our app and control the startup/shutdown
lifecycle.  This is very beneficial from an overall operations, management and support standpoint.
 We just need to leverage Netty's communication infrastructure.

Does anyone know of any problem with the approach I've described - specifically, using Tomcat's
appserver lifecycle management functionality, but disabling all Tomcat Connectors and using
Netty for all of our application communication?

NOTE: Tomcat is dedicated to our application, so we don't have to worry about sharing a tomcat
installation with other applications.

Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions.

Bob DeRemer
Senior Director, Architecture and Development

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