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From "Phoenix, Merka" <>
Subject RE: Not sure what to make of this, Re: bringing up HTTPS on Tomcat
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 16:41:50 GMT
IBM's documentation on this web page:

provides instructions on how to export the certificates from DCM into Java keystores. As they
mention below, they've moved away from using the proprietary .kdb keystore format and now
support using the standard Java .jks format.

"The use of OS/400 *SYSTEM certificate stores (.kdb files) for WebSphere Application Server
applications was deprecated in WebSphere Application Server Version 5.x. In Version 6 and
later, only Java keystores (.jks files) are fully supported. You must migrate your applications
to use Java keystores."

"DCM uses PKCS12 format to export client and server certificates, and it uses base64 encoded
format to export certificate authority certificates.... However, you must to convert the base64
encoded data from EBCDIC to ASCII format"

See the web page for complete instructions, including converting from EBCDIC to ASCII.



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From: James Lampert [] 
Sent: Friday, 05 October, 2012 09:29
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: Not sure what to make of this, Re: bringing up HTTPS on Tomcat

Mark H. Wood wrote:
> I have no idea what DCM is or does.  Maybe it works with PKCS #12 
> files, which can carry both parts in a single container.

That part isn't really relevant here (I hope), but to clarify:

DCM = Digital Certificate Manager. It's part of the IBM Midrange operating system (i.e, "OS/400,"
"i5OS," or whatever they're calling it this week). It uses an entirely different keystore
format from that used by Java and Keytool (and, by extension, Tomcat), and so far as I (and
the real IBM Midrange gurus on the various lists) can determine, there's nothing
currently available to convert a keystore between the IBM-proprietary format and the Java

We've had more than one customer who screwed themselves out of a certificate signing fee by
failing to appreciate the distinction, even though we do our best to warn them about it.


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