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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: any servlets to implement sort of a google-play-like functionality for android and other types of mobile devices?
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 09:23:29 GMT
Albretch Mueller wrote:
> ~
>  apache tomcat and other servlet engines would easily do java web
> start apps based on JNLP and there are servlet engines running -on-
> Android:
> ~
> ~
>  but I wanted to actually serve Android-based and other mobile devices
> as you would do with PC's running different types of browsers and
> operating systems
> ~
>  Are we there yet?
> ~

Due to what I believe is largely temporary fad-like marketing pressure, I am quite 
interested in the general subject myself, but I do not understand your question.
What is it precisely that you would want Tomcat to do (that it does not yet do currently)

If some "app" on some device makes a TCP connection to a Tomcat server, and then talks 
HTTP with it, Tomcat will handle this fine.  And if this app then requests a particular 
context (webapp) in Tomcat, and they understand eachother, everything should work also as

expected. So what is the issue ?

Or am I missing something ?

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