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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Help on Windows 2008(64 bit)\Tomcat
Date Sat, 20 Oct 2012 21:44:43 GMT
McDaniel, Jace wrote:

> - and then another example of (preferably) the same URL that you are using with "not-port-8080"
and which "does not work", and tell us precisely what happens in the browser when you use
that URL
> Our Web Application , port 80 -
> When I do this, IE tries to download a file called BankSignatureWebService, with type
unknown. When I look at the file, I think it is the isapi_redirect.dll file downloading rather
than running. The Handler Mappings part of IIS 7 has Execute permissions on the ISAPI-dll

That looks indeed as if IIS is misconfigured, and considers this DLL file as being the 
response to the above URL, instead of running the DLL as a filter/extension.

Can you paste the content of your "" here ?

Considering the URLs above, you should probably have a line like this in it :
/axis2/*=(name of your tomcat "worker")

Other than that, verify that you have really followed *all* the instructions in the 
section "Configuring the ISAPI Redirector"
of the page :
For instance, did you set "execute access" for the "jakarta" virtual directory  ?

Also a tip : in the above page/section, you /can/ ignore items 1 to 6, and use instead a 
separate properties file, as described in this page :
section : Using a properties file for configuration

> If you feel like you have any suggestions to pass on still I would appreciate it however
I understand if you do not.  Unfortunately due to my timeframe I was given, 2 week, management
has decided to just edit the application to use the port 8080. We will determine at a later
date if we need to continue to effort to get the redirect to work or not.

No problem.  Now that you are so far, it would be a pity to leave things unworking.

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