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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Help on Windows 2008(64 bit)\Tomcat
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2012 22:12:07 GMT
McDaniel, Jace wrote:
> I am new to the Tomcat and IIs 7 world and I am having issues getting mine app to work
beyond the default port 8080.

So what you are saying is that your application does work, when you access Tomcat directly

through port 8080 ?

And it doesn't work when you try to access it through IIS (presumably port 80) and the 
Isapi_redirector module ?

  I am building a new server with those specs. I tried to keep this short but still 
include details of what I have done. If anyone has any ideas of items I can research or 
try, it would be greatly appreciated.
> I installed apache-tomcat-6.0.35.exe and
from Tomcat site. 
> I followed the following site, as much as I could. I had to find other guides for help
with the IIS7 parts. 
> I do not have my Application Pools enabling 32 bit applications. 

I then ran a axis2.war I had from our old server (?) to install a new webapp (?) and it 
works also (?), when on port 8080.
> At this time, when I do not use port 8080, it asks if I want to download a file, ...

And when you use port 8080, what does it (?) do ?

but no matter what name I put it asks me that same thing. It is not even a real file.

You know, this is a bit obscure as an explanation.

> Nothing is jumping out at me within the log files. Main 2 errors I see are below, but
research shows the second one should not matter. 
> [ERROR] Missing wsse:Security header in request
> org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Missing wsse:Security header in request

This looks like an Axis problem, not a Tomcat one.  Did you ask on the Axis list what it 
means ?

> SEVERE: Error, processing connection
> java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
> 	at Source)

and the rest ? (the log lines after that one)

In general, about the above message :

- you indicated which versions of Tomcat and the Isapi_redirector you have downloaded and

installed.  That's good.
- you are telling us which version of IIS you are using, and which instructions you 
followed. That's good too.
- but the rest of your explanations are not very clear, and make it difficult to figure 
out what kind of problem you may have, and how to help you.  That's not good.

Can you :

- give us an example of a URL that you are using with the port 8080 and which "works", and

tell us precisely what happens in the browser when you use that URL

- and then another example of (preferably) the same URL that you are using with 
"not-port-8080" and which "does not work", and tell us precisely what happens in the 
browser when you use that URL

- and then tell us what you mean by "I then ran a axis2.war" ?
What did you do with that axis2.war file ?
In which directory did you copy it ?

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