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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: asking advice for tomcat 7 config
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2012 19:39:09 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote:
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> Daniel,
> On 10/18/12 10:12 AM, Daniel Barcellos wrote:
>> ok... thanks for nothing...
> No thanks for the snarkiness. :(
> Pid's advice is actually good, even if you don't want to hear it:
>> 2012/10/18 Pid <>
>>> It's probably not your connector config that's the problem, if
>>> there is one.  Most of the time it's your app.
>>> Use a profiler, monitor JMX (use VisualVM with the MBeans plugin)
>>> and understand what's happening rather than assuming someone
>>> else's connector config is "good" or "better".
> Taking someone else's configuration doesn't really help you. Instead,
> it makes you feel good that it improved someone else's situation and
> therefore is likely to benefit you.
> Maybe Romain has a 64-way blade server with 32GiB of heap space: he
> can afford a lot of threads, etc. Maybe you have a 1GiB dual-core CPU
> and his configuration will make your environment royally suck. If you
> want advice, ask for it. But don't just say "oh, hey, your
> configuration worked great for you so give it to me and it will
> certainly work great".
>>> Start a new thread when you've tried this & have questions.
> +1
> Technically, Daniel, you're hijacking Romain's thread.

+, Daniel :

Think of it this way : if there was a combination of settings that worked in all cases, 
then what would be the point of these adjustable parameters ?
The Tomcat guys would just set them all to the optimal value, and there would be no need 
for a lot of the code and the documentation.

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