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From =?x-gbk?Q?Andr=A8=A6_Warnier?=>
Subject Re: [OT] Tomcat bug 53814 - PDF plugin in IE cannot download correctly
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2012 13:16:11 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 16/10/2012 18:54, David Wall wrote:
>> By the way, the web.xml change we made was suggested in the bug report
>> and seems to resolve it for our IE site visitors.
> Glad to head that disabling support for range requests works. That seems
> like a reasonable short-term workaround until someone experiencing this
> error contacts Adobe.

This is not exactly the same issue, but I thought I'd share this.
Just to give one an idea of what one is up against (and maybe also the difference between
open-source and not-open-source)

I found this while searching Google for things related to :
Adobe Reader plugin +"Range" +"boundary".

Summary :
- an issue between IIS 7.5 and Adobe Reader plugin, related to byteranges, made it
impossible to retrieve PDFs
- first reported on Sep 21 2009
- it took MS until Dec 12 2009 (2 months) to come up with an explanation that the problem
was in the Adobe plugin
- MS hotfix released March 21 2010 (6 months later), in which they apparently acknowledge
that the problem was theirs after all
- as far as I can tell Adobe never did anything

And here is another similar issue on an Adobe forum:
- first reported Jan 12 2012
- fix released by Adobe on April 26 2012 (3.5 months later), after strong pressure from
some very large organisations (e.g., Citibank)

And I'll note that the present thread was opened yesterday, and at least a workaround was
provided the same day. And the original bug #53814 took 3 days to be tackled.

I wouldn't raise my hopes too high about Adobe ever fixing the underlying bug in the
plugin though.

It seems it is not only the banks that should be broken up before they get too big to
fail.  I would suggest that one also includes large dominant software companies.

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