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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: gc log filename variables in windows
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2012 18:44:35 GMT
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To whom it may concern,

On 10/8/12 11:17 AM, MrVJTod wrote:
> In linux/solaris, I can specify 
> -Xloggc:/my/logs/sourcecode-gc-${NOW}.log And get a logfile named
> as such /my/logs/sourcecode-gc-1008-0938.log with the last time of
> startup as past of the log filename
> But if I try to do something similar in Windows 
> -Xloggc:c:\my\logs\sourcecode-gc-${NOW}.log I get a logfile named 
> c:\my\logs\sourcecode-gc-${NOW}.log with the variable text as past
> of the log filename
> Does tomcat on Windows not support variables in the GC filename? 
> I've tried a dozen different combinations $DATE  //    ${%DATE%}
> //  $[%DATE%]  //  $(%DATE%) ${DATE}  //  $[DATE]  //  $(DATE)  //
> $DATE  //  %DATE  //  %NOW% `%DATE%`  //  '%DATE%'  //  `cmd /c now
> /t`  //  'cmd /c now /t' %Y  //  %YYYY and several other
> iterations but the logfilename contains the variable that I was
> hoping would be replaced with a timestamp.
> and I can't seem to find a solid reference for Windows GC log
> filenames.

This has nothing to do with GC filenames and everything to do with the
way cmd.exe does variable replacement.

First of all, cmd.exe does not recognize backtics (``) as meaningful
in any way, so that's not going to work. Second, sh-style $varname
doesn't work either.

cmd.exe (and every version of MS-DOS CLI before it) has always used
%varname% for variable replacement.

Lastly, the variable has to have a value. If you haven't set a value
for the DATE variable, then it will give you nothing. (Okay, I'm
floored: 'echo %DATE%' in cmd.exe actually gives you the current date
 - "Mon 10/08/2012" for me. That seems to be ringing a bell from back
in my MS-DOS days, but the value you get isn't very friendly: it's got
a space and it's localized for the current user: stupid American date

I'm not sure what the best way to get the current date in an
environment variable is. win32's "date" command totally sucks: you
can't tell it how to format the date. You also can't use
command-substitution (back ticks) to get the output from a program -
you could write one to get the proper date format - into an
environment variable. Child processes can't modify the environment of
the parent.

I think this is why people end up writing hideout scripts for win32
that do things like create another script on-the-fly and do
string-replacement directly on the script, then run it.

If you have your date in a variable, like 'NOW', then you ought to be
able to use "c:\my\logs\sourcecode-gc-%NOW%.log". Of course, that will
only work if you are launching Tomcat from the command-line and not if
you are running as a service.

- -chris
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