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From James Lampert <>
Subject Not sure what to make of this, Re: bringing up HTTPS on Tomcat
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 18:49:45 GMT
We have a customer (who shall remain nameless), who had previously 
ignored our instructions and used IBM DCM instead of Keytool to produce 
a keystore, and had it signed, all the while blissfully ignorant of the 
fact that none of it would be the least bit compatible with Tomcat.

I just got an email from that customer, with this puzzling phrase:

> Had to split it up into a .key and .crt file. This is the output.

which was followed by the output from a keytool -printcert on the .crt file.

The -printcert output looks sensible, with 9 "ObjectID" items in it. But 
what do I make of their comment about having to "split it up"?


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