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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat as a service question
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2012 17:45:50 GMT
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On 10/1/12 7:58 PM, J.V. wrote:
> I am attempting to create a windows service using apache
> commons-daemon to create a service from a Java program I have
> written (a server).

Then you need to ask the commons-daemon folks (see below).

> I know that tomcat uses this lib and successfully, but I am having
> a number of problem completing the task.  I have posted on
> commons-daemon but no response, I believe that project is dead or
> not supported well.

commons-daemon is certainly not dead. You have posted several messages
in the past week and every one of them has been answered (with the
notable exception of Diego Rivera responding with an irritated plea to
other list members to ignore you). I've read your messages from that
list. They all have one problem: you are asking for help but not
giving any information. Asking for "any examples for how to do X" is
just as good as executing a Google search, except you have to wait for
someone else to do it for you. Do your own Google research.

When you have a specific question, ask on the Apache commons list.

The commons list isn't there to do your work for you, teach you how to
program Java, etc.

commons-daemon includes a service shim for Microsoft Windows: you can
use it to execute just about anything. You (and Tomcat) just happen to
be using it to launch Java Virtual Machine processes. The
commons-daemon list isn't a place to demand answers to questions about
Java. Your tone comes off as ignorant, impatient, angry, and petulant
(cf. "Is this project dead?"). Everyone on ASF mailing lists are
volunteers and will be happy to help on their own schedule. When you
post, give as much detail as possible, explain what you have tried so
far and where you are getting stuck. Post all error messages if you
have them. Details, details details. Writing a post that just says "I
can't get your crappy software to work" isn't likely to get you a
decent response.

My advice: check your attitude at the door, *ask* for help instead of
demanding it, and be patient: sometimes it takes a few days for
someone to read a post and reply to it.

Remember: all volunteers.

- -chris
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