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From 孙文 <>
Subject Re:Tomcat bug 53814 - PDF plugin in IE cannot download correctly
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 01:37:11 GMT
You are not suitable the open source community and you are a selfish guy.
At 2012-10-16 02:04:27,"David Wall" <> wrote:
>In researching a bug our users are now suffering, I found that it was 
>reported already as *Bug 53814****- Could not display PDF file on Tomcat 
>7.0.27 above.*
>Sadly, it also shows that's it's considered "invalid" and won't be fixed 
>because the change made between 7.0.26 and 7.0.27 is "standards compliant."
>That's a rather unsatisfying answer considering it affects PDFs and IE, 
>a rather common combination.
>The change was made in the 7.0.27 release, causing the bug to appear.  
>Yes, the bug is in fact in the PDF reader of IE, but it is sad when a 
>bug release (not going from 7.0 to 7.1, but 7.0.26 to 7.0.27) introduces 
>new problems.
>Putting the space separator back in seems so straightforward unless 
>removing the space actually fixes something else. It is not clear in the 
>bug report if the change was made for a particular reason or not since 
>bug 52811 doesn't appear to be an issue with 'boundary' at all.
>It is not clear that having the space would not be compliant with the 
>spec.  The comment in the bug report even says that all of the examples 
>in the specification have a whitespace before parameter.
>I guess I can understand a change like this that will break working 
>systems if the change were required to be standards compliant and 
>standards-compliant browsers had trouble because of the space being 
>there, but if not, it shouldn't occur in such a late patch release 
>(7.0.27) rather than a new minor release like 7.1.
>I hope that keeping things working is the prevailing idea behind patch 
>releases.  Of course, it's not surprising that IE would be the one 
>browser to have this problem handling standards-compliant syntax!

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