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From "Mead, Jen L" <>
Subject RE: very basic question about apache and tomcat
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2012 15:19:29 GMT
Hi Chris,

I met you at a PERL conference years and years ago along with a bunch of other people you
met.  Anyways.  Exactly what I am trying to do is allow folks to use their web browser (I
would like to stick with tomcat 7.0.27 on aix 6.1) from their windows workstation and authenticate
against the windows domain.  I am hoping this can be accomplished without creating unix accounts.
 The permissions for it, page access or run the tool would reside in the tomcat configuration
side, but all authentification would be from the windows side.  If you can tell me how to
do that I would be pretty happy.  I cannot find documentation on how to do it and I am not
a java person nor have I touched this stuff in a very long time.  I was doing strictly unix
admin work until a few months ago.  That doesn't mean I won't hack and experiment, I have
a sandbox here at work that I can do anything on to get this configuration figured out.  Thanks
in advance and happy to be working with you!


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Subject: Re: very basic question about apache and tomcat

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On 9/19/12 5:52 PM, Mead, Jen L wrote:
> That was very insightful.  All the documentation that I am looking 
> into specifies apache as the application.  Maybe, just maybe the 
> server.xml file will contain what I need to move forward.  The lack of 
> documentation for what I am trying to do is frustrating.  I am not 
> even sure I can do it without loading apache with or instead of 
> tomcat.  Thanks for the info.

Can you describe what you need to accomplish without specifically referring to Apache httpd
or Apache Tomcat?

Something like:

"We have a Java web application that needs to authentication against Microsoft AD server,
and there are no other moving parts required unless we need them to support this configuration."

The reason that I ask is that Tomcat (with some special support libraries and configuration)
can authenticate directly against Microsoft AD and Apache httpd isn't necessary at all. If
you /require/ Apache httpd to perform the authentication, then we can tell you how to do that,

- -chris
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