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From Shanti Suresh <>
Subject Re: Tuning session replication on clusters
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2012 17:37:34 GMT
Hi Kyle,

Great testing, btw.

So when you say "x5", did you change the settings as follows:
rxBufAize="125940"   (=> 25188 x 5)

By any chance, have you analyzed a heapdump of Tomcat at periodic intervals
to see which class is hogging heap during the session replication?



On Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 12:19 PM, <> wrote:

> Chris:
> >Assembling the sessions into a Collection is likely to be very fast,
> >since it's just copying references around: the size of the individual
> >sessions should not matter. Of course, pushing all those bytes to the
> >other servers...
> >Perhaps Tomcat does something like serialize the session to a big
> >binary structure and then sends that (which sounds insane -- streaming
> >binary data is how that should be done -- but I haven't checked to
> >code to be sure).
> It appears that tomcat is serializing all the data into a singular
> structure, rather than a collection of references.  Watching VisualVM plot
> heap  usage during replication, it nearly doubles (in my test env, this was
> the only thing running so that makes sense).  If you're sure Tomcat is only
> making references, then I'd propose there is a problem with the JVM
> dereferencing the collection elements and double-counting the memory used.
> Either way, it's enough to make the JVM report a doubling of heap usage and
> a raise to the heap allocation.  As soon as replication is done, heap use
> goes back to normal.  I've attached a screenshot to the zip file.
> Now for data:
> I did tests of 200 sessions (~20 MB) at a time (200, 400, 600... up to
> 3000).  I then tested in groups of 1000 (3000, 4000, 5000... up to 10k).
> At no point did I receive any exceptions or OOME issues.  Heap usage never
> climbed above 60% Xmx.  My lab was isolated to help give consistent
> results.  Here are some points.
> 1.  There is a pivotal point where replication performance degrades
> dramatically.  In my tests, this happened around 2400-2600 sessions.  I
> restarted tomcat and was able to avoid the issue, until I hit 2800 sessions
> (~300 MB total session data).  There was a 153% jump in time required to
> perform replication at this point.  From there, each subsequent test took
> marginally longer per session (15-25%) than the test before it.  Chris was
> correct, it's not exponential, but the ms/session gets worse and worse as
> we climb.  I have no explanation for the sharp jump or the continued
> degradation as we climb.  I've seem similar performance issues with sort
> and comparative logic, but those don't make sense here.  Perhaps this
> serialized object is being jerked around Young Gen/Old Gen and having to be
> constantly reallocated?  Grasping at straws here...
> 2.  Networking is a large portion of the bottleneck for large data sets.
> The thread size and pool size attributes to the sender/receiver had no
> impact on throughput.  Also, a packet capture revealed nothing naughty
> happening.  However, the rxBufSize and txBufSize values on the Nio receiver
> and the PooledParallel transport elements made a profound difference.  I
> generated 7000 sessions (~700MB) and used default settings:  74 sec.
> Increasing the rx/tx settings by x5 I was able to replicate the sessions in
> 33 sec.  Gains beyond x5 were almost nil; at x100 (which is absurd) only
> resulted in 29.3 sec replication.
> A simple SCP transfer of a 700 MB file (using tmpfs folders) between these
> same two systems took 13 seconds.
> My conclusion is that tuning the network was obviously a great help, but it
> still took 30 seconds to replicate 700MB worth of session data on a network
> with enough throughput to perform the transfer in 13 seconds.  I don't know
> if further network settings could be changed for the DeltaManager to aid in
> speeding up replication, but given the spike in memory use and the pivotal
> performance drop at a consistent point I'm inclined to think we're hitting
> some edge case regarding session size and memory settings (Xmx/Heap and
> NewSize/SurvivorRatio).  As Chris said, if Tomcat isn't collecting just
> references, it probably should be.
> Feel free to pick apart my data or thoughts.  I tried to be as analytical
> as possible, but there's a lot of conjecture in here.
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> Thanks.
> Kyle Harper
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