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From Matthias Müller <>
Subject Re: Setting JVM Parameters in Windows Service for Tomcat7
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2012 19:02:11 GMT

>Environment variables are irrelevant when running services. That's why
>the registry values exist.

That's a good point!
Thanks for the nice discussion.

> Matthias - can you please elaborate on exactly what "it is not practicable
> for our production environment" means?

I want to put the configuration files and property settings in a local
VCS (e.g. a local git) so that I can track the changes.
But now I see, that there are some technical reasons for using the registry.
I think I will use a batch-script then which sets the registry.


There are two ways of setting the registry:

1. CLI via "tomcat.exe //US//Tomcat7 ..."
    There are some examples in the service.bat file.
2. gui via tomcatw.exe

But I think both ways are not compatible.
I.E. when using "tomcat.exe //US//Tomcat7" I won't find the values in
But that's not a problem for me.

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