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From Andrew Todd <>
Subject maxHTTPHeaderSize, and specific header lengths
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2012 20:27:10 GMT
I have a question about maxHttpHeaderSize [0]. In Apache httpd, there
are two different parameters that affect the maximum size of an HTTP
header, limitRequestFieldSize and limitRequestLine. [1] These
configuration values specify about 8 kilobytes per _line_ in the
incoming request. However, in Tomcat, maxHttpHeaderSize seems to
specify the maximum length of the entire incoming header, also at
around 8 kilobytes. So httpd will, by default, accept a much bigger
header than Tomcat will.

Is that an accurate understanding of the configuration? If I want to
expand the maximum URL and header lengths that I can accept in Tomcat,
should I change the value of maxHttpHeaderSize? Thanks.


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