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From Alex Samad - Yieldbroker <>
Subject Q) ajp connector
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2012 01:17:56 GMT

I have a design question. I have an application that uses long lived connections back to the
server so

App -> IIS -> AJP Connector -> Jboss/Tomcat
App -> Apache -> AJP Connector -> Jboss/Tomcat

So I know that IIS / Apache can handle lots of connections without pairing it 1 thread to
1 connection.  And JBoss/Tomcat can handle multiple connection per thread.

But can the AJP connector handle multiple connections per thread.

My recent problem with IIS + AJP... IIS limited the number of threads that the AJP connector
could create, to roughly 265 once it was reached when another request was made it was blocked...
So it looked like a 1 connection 1 thread bottle neck.

Is this by design ... is this a IIS thing or would I see the same issue with Apache/AJP


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