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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Offline generation of effective web.xml
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 13:00:43 GMT

Violeta Georgieva <> wrote:

>It would be very useful if I can provide this as part of the build
>infrastructure for example.
>If you can give me a hint from where to start I may try to provide a
>for 8.0.x? Wdyt?

There is going to need to be a lot of refactoring for this. I'm not sure if a patch is the
right way to go. Neither am I sure what the best way is. Maybe a git branch (e.g. on github)
with a series of patches? I don't have enough experience with the git-svn integration to know
if that would be easier or harder to deal with.

In terms of what needs to be done:
- the end result needs to be useable by both Jasper and Catalina - that pretty much means
a new package and JAR under o.a.tomcat
- Jasper cannot depend on Catalina (hence why everything needs to move packages)
- the things that need to move to this new package
   - the web.xml parsing (i.e.the digester)
   - the annotation scanning
   - the SCI scanning
   - the merging
   - the object representation of web.xml
- switch everything over to the new implementation

This is a big change but most of it is just moving stuff around. It isn't changing functionality
(well it is - JspC would process fragments which it doesn't currently for example but all
the functional changes would be improvements of this nature)

I suggest making a proposal to the dev list. If that gets support, I'd be happy to help with
this. I suspect in that case a series of svn moves and patches would follow.


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