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From Brian Burch <>
Subject AuthenticatorBase setChangeSessionIdOnAuthentication without cookies
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2012 09:46:47 GMT
With reference to:

I reproduced the problem using the sample war on a back-level svn 
version of the trunk, then confirmed the problem was fixed on a later level.

I have been developing a new unit test case in 
org.apache.catalina.authenticator.TestFormAuthenticator to reproduce the 
behaviour demonstrated by the war. However, my new test failed because 
the client was challenged to relogin after successful authentication, 
even though it provided the correct jsessionid parameter value on 
subsequent GETs to the protected resource.

I discovered the default behaviour for AuthenticatorBase is to ask the 
Session Manager to generate a new sessionid after authentication. This 
behaviour seems to be intended to prevent session fixation attacks.

However, in the case where the client is not using cookies (my test 
disables them for its Context), there does not appear to be a way for 
the server to communicate the new jsessionid value to the client. The 
client has no idea that this has happened, so it appends the original 
session id to the next GET request. The Authenticator cannot find the 
original session id (it is deleted when the new one is generated), so it 
issues a new login challenge to the supposedly-unauthenticated client. 
In other words, the authentication is applied to just one request, 
rather than all subsequent requests.

I modified my test to traverse the Valve pipeline and set the 
FormAuthenticator changeSessionIdOnAuthentication flag to false. The 
test now works as intended.

Have I misunderstood the situation? If not, then two issues concern me:

1. It seems as if a session that does not use cookies and is prepared to 
use url rewriting will only work when the 
changeSessionIdOnAuthentication logic is disabled, or is there some way 
to get the new session id sent to the http client? [The demonstration 
war uses jsps which use response.encodeURL("j_security_check"), and 
response.sendRedirect(response.encodeRedirectURL("index.jsp")), which 
append the current jsessionid to the url.]

2. I can see AuthenticatorBase.changeSessionIdOnAuthentication is an 
instance variable. I am concerned about the scope of the Valve instance 
- I normally code my Valves at the Host level in server.xml, but not, of 
course, the Authenticators, which are defined by the login-config 
section of each webapp's web.xml. Does each Context have its own 
instance of the authenticator valve?

I would like to be sure of my understanding before proposing the test 
case as an enhancement, so any comments or advice would be helpful.



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