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From Thomas Rohde <>
Subject Re: very basic question about apache and tomcat
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2012 06:49:17 GMT

Am 19.09.2012 23:31, schrieb Mead, Jen L:
> Hi Everybody,
> Now I will show my real ignorance about what I know after NOT working with Apache or
Tomcat for several years now.  I have been working on a project that allows our CGI web pages
to authenticate users from their windows desktop against Windows AD and not requiring any
kind of unix account.  I am slowly getting the information I need to move forward but information
is just not out there to get.  I am just chipping away at it.
> My basic question is: do I need to install apache as well as tomcat to have an httpd.conf
file?  I have tomcat running on several AIX servers, 6.1 and 5.3, with tomcat 7.0.27 installed.
 I was doing a simple search to find the httpd.conf file when I realized none of my servers
have it installed.  When I try to find out which app creates it I get the answer apache (from
google searches).  So I guess that tomcat is a subset of apache?  A virtual java app I suppose?
 See I told you the questions were basic.  Yikes it is hard to understand as a newbie, especially
when I can load tomcat and get web pages working in a few minutes.  LOL
> Any help is appreciated in regard to helping me wrap my brain around this.  ARGH
> Regards,
> Jen
> Jen L Mead | Sys Admin | ICC Operations | Con-way | Office 503-450-8641

Hi Jen,

basic answer:

Apache HTTPD and Apache Tomcat have generally nothing in common. They 
are totally different.

The httpd.conf is the main configuration file for the Apache HTTPD 
Webserver. It comes with the installation of an Apache HTTPD Webserver 
and is located in <apache_home>/conf/httpd.conf. Tomcat neither 
generates nor reads this file.


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