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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Clustering Question
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2012 18:25:53 GMT
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On 9/17/12 5:20 PM, John Rellis wrote:
> Thanks Chris.
> My replies will be a little sporadic as I am cooking a 10 pm dinner
> :)
>> From what I was reading I thought I could hit some sort of
>> manager there
> but it was never able to, when I hit
> http://balancer/jkmanager
> I get nothing just a 404.
> This is in my apache2.conf: (i removed them from jk.conf as i
> thought my security was messed up)
> JkMount /jkmanager/* jkstatus

/jkmanager/* != /jkmanager so it's no surprise that you got a 404. Try:

JkMount /jkmanager jkstatus

> uri_worker_map_add::jk_uri_worker_map.c (720): wildchar rule 
> '/jkmanager/*=jkstatus' source 'JkMount' was added NEXT (1) map #0:
> uri=/jkmanager/* worker=jkstatus context=/jkmanager/* 
> source=JkMount type=Wildchar len=12

Do you have all your JkMount directives inside VirtualHosts? If you
have them outside, they won't take effect (sounds odd, but makes a
little sense if you think about it).

> *I should also mention, there's an error while starting :*
> ubuntu@balancer:/etc/apache2/mods-enabled$ sudo service apache2
> restart * Restarting web server apache2
> apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified
> domain name, using for ServerName ... waiting .apache2:
> Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain
> name, using for ServerName

That's not your problem, here, but you might want to fix that.

> /etc/hostname just contains balancer
> /etc/hosts (ip's changed for tomcatone and tomcatone):
> localhost tomcattwo
> tomcatone   balancer is unlikely to be what you meant, here.

- -chris
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