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From Ragini <>
Subject Profiling tomcat 7 on ubuntu with java profiler
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2012 12:55:12 GMT
Hi experts,

I profile tomcat with a java profiler. The profiler runs java agent and 
profiles the tomcat server. So I have created and put java 
options to it. so far it is working fine. I start the server, then I run 
the web application in the browser and then I stop the server by After I execute, my profiler dumps the output. 
This output shows all the executed java methods in xml format. It 
actually shows the sequence in which they were executed. Pl find the 
attached file to see how the profiler generates the output. This was 
generated by running just one test.jsp page which contains the method 

In the output, I have noticed that the main class which is responsible 
to execute jsp page is "Lorg/apache/jsp". But I am not sure if there are 
also other classes which are responsible for this. I am curious to know 
this. In my profiler I have an option by which I can exclude classes 
which I dont want to profile.

I am basically interested in profiling all user defined methods of jsp 
pages and of java classes. (I want to profile a web application which 
has java classes and jsp pages as well). I would not like to profile the 
classes of apache which are dependent on time (like threads are time 
dependent). The reason for this is, it gives me different profiles for 
exactly two same runs. Which I strictly don’t want.

so I would like to have your opinions on,

1) Are the methods of org/apache/jsp class and time dependent ? Is there 
any chance that I get different profiles for exactly two same runs ?
(I don’t have any option to include the class which needs to be profiled 
in my profiler. So if I want to test the above I have to specify all 
other classes except org/apache/jsp in my exclusion list which is very 
time consuming. If I am sure that methods of apache/jsp/* classes are 
not time dependent, I can do that.

I need your help regarding this.



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