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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: tomcat 7.0.27 HTTP Status 404 - /manager/status
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2012 08:48:26 GMT
Ch. Fawad Nazir wrote:
> Yes Tomcat run with Root.
> I made a copy of tomcat-users.xml to tomcat-users.xml-old before make any
> changes to original file. Did some changes in tomcat-users.xml ... and after
> that delete the tomcat-users.xml. And again rename the tomcat-users.xml-old
> to tomcat-users.xml again and restart the Tomcat.

You are repeating yourself, without providing any additional information that would allow

anyone to help you.
If you had done exactly what you write above - and nothing else - and if Tomcat was 
"working" before, then it should be "working" afterward also.
Or else, you also did something else which you are not telling us.

Further tip : look at the Tomcat logfiles, to see if any error message appears there.

And, are you sure that before the changes, you could actually access /manager/status ?
Or did you just try this for the first time after your changes ?
In other words, is the manager application really installed ?

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