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From Kiran Badi <>
Subject Re: Where do I store Images in tomcat structure so that I can retrive it properly in all browsers
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2012 02:02:25 GMT
Hi Chris and All,

I hope its alright if I reopen my old thread since I want to expand my 
earlier requirement.

I have a requirement  where for each category I need to have separate 
folders where the Images should go in.

Currently for all categories my images goes into the C://UploadedImages 
folder and it working fine.

<Context aliases="/UploadedImages=c:/UploadedImages"></Context>

Now I was wondering , if its possible that I can do something like,

<Context aliases="/UploadedImages=c:/Uploaded/Images/Product1Images,c:/UploadedImages/Product2Images,c:/UploadedImages/Product3Images.....c:/UploadedImages/ProductNImages"></Context>

I should be having 100+ products with somewhat similar design in 
nature,I just want to put them in their own folders.

Can I do this with Tomcat 7.027 or latest version.I can upgrade if 
required.I remember sometimes back this was requirement for one of the 
posters here and I believe someone had asked him to file for enhancement 
request.So was wondering if this can be done now.

If this cannot be done with Tomcat, is their any other open source 
solution for this.I can code couple of lines if this saves me some bugs.

On 6/5/2012 7:41 PM, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Kiran,
> On 6/5/12 1:31 AM, Kiran Badi wrote:
>> After playing around for a day,
>> this is another solutions which worked for me,
>> <Context aliases="/UploadedImages=c:/UploadedImages"></Context>
>> with Tomcat 7.0.11 in context.xml
> Good, except that you should really upgrade to the latest Tomcat 7.0
> version. Plenty of security fixed have been shipped since 7.0.11.
>> I think now I understand as how aliases work, /UploadedImages is
>> the aliaspath and c:/UploadedImages is the docbase to which it
>> refers.
>> Is this understanding correct ?
> /UploadedImages is the URL where resources in C:\UploadedImages can be
> requested. The term "docbase" doesn't really apply as it has a number
> of connotations that aren't appropriate here.
>> In manager app I see something called /files , not sure as what is
>> this ?
> That is likely to be another webapp, but I have no idea where in the
> manager app you are looking, so I can't really comment.
> Remember that Tomcat will (by default) auto-deploy any directory in
> the CATALINA_BASE/webapps directory -- even those that you don't
> consider to be a legitimate webapp. So, if you have a directory called
> "files" in there, then Tomcat will deploy that into "/files" and
> possibly expose some resources that you hadn't intended to be
> available via HTTP.
> - -chris
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