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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tuning session replication on clusters
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2012 22:29:10 GMT
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On 9/6/12 2:45 PM, wrote:
> Chris:
>> One question: Plot those as X-Y in a spreadsheet and you'll see
>> that it's only a bit worse than linear, especially after 1500.
>> There's no enough data presented to draw an "exponential
>> performance curve" conclusion: you're going to need more data to
>> see if this is worse than linear. Can you collect more data? I
>> know that creating 42k sessions of 700MiB each is probably a ..
>> challenge, but more data would certainly be helpful.
> Before I change anything (tuning) I'll do as much testing as I can
> tonight to generate a data series and graph.  Btw, does this list
> support .ods/.xls attachments?

I'm not sure. You might be better off wrapping the file in a ZIP file
(which is silly, since OpenDocument is already ZIP, but it might help)
or just throwing the file up on pastebin (which I generally don't like
because the message goes into the archives but pastebin items expire,
etc. Just try not to drop a multi-MiB file onto the list ;)

> I'm not sure how Tomcat handles building the object containing all
> the sessions to send (Collection/List?), but it'll be interesting
> to see if there are points where the basic nature of the Collection
> object becomes less efficient.  The testing so far has already 
> shown that the quantity of sessions (like the 42k test I did in 901
> ms on a different app) doesn't appear to be an issue, while large
> session sizes do.

Assembling the sessions into a Collection is likely to be very fast,
since it's just copying references around: the size of the individual
sessions should not matter. Of course, pushing all those bytes to the
other servers...

> I know that the JVM was forced to make a full copy of all the
> session data for the application inside heap space too, so after
> certain points I might be reaching contention with memory
> management processes that handle heap size, ratios, garbage
> collection, etc.

Perhaps Tomcat does something like serialize the session to a big
binary structure and then sends that (which sounds insane -- streaming
binary data is how that should be done -- but I haven't checked to
code to be sure).

> Having seen how quickly the JVM ramped up memory usage for
> replication, I'm relatively confident the session aggregation and
> duplication into a new Collection on the sender side is happening
> fast... reallllly fast.  I'll try to get a protocol analyzer in
> place to capture the packets and compare them to a basic file
> transfer of a single large file.

Sounds good.

- -chris
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