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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: Login Delay
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2012 18:25:17 GMT
Am 04.09.2012 19:13, schrieb David A. Rush:
> Well, drat.  I swapped the application over to using a DataSourceRealm 
> (instead of JDBCRealm) to support the JDBC connection that Tomcat's 
> using for authentication, but it doesn't seem to have helped.   Seems 
> to have made it a bit worse.
> Originally when using a JDBCRealm, after some time of inactivity (no 
> one logging in for 90 minutes or more) a "cold" login would always 
> take about 20 seconds and then succeed.  Subsequent "warm" logins were 
> very fast.
> Now, with DataSourceRealm, a "cold" login (no other logins over the 
> past 90 minutes or more) takes 20 seconds to FAIL.  Subsequent login 
> (same username/password) succeeds.
Actually it is a good thing, that you can produce it that fast :) Now 
you can
  * do stack traces in that 20 seconds interval 
  * enable logging for the realms

and you could give more information about your setup. Tomcat version, 
DataSource and Realm setup (without passwords).


> David
> On 2012-08-31 08:50, David A. Rush wrote:
>> Felix:
>> Aha, you're suggesting a firewall issue, which I've been speculating 
>> on.  Thanks for confirmation about the persistent connection that 
>> JDBCRealm tries to keep.
>> I'll look into the DataSourceRealm.  Thanks for the tip.
>> David
>> On 2012-08-31 03:16, Felix Schumacher wrote:
>>> Am 31.08.2012 04:01, schrieb David A. Rush:
>>>> We've got two different machines (both Windows Server something)
>>>> running Tomcat 7.0.22, and each running a webapp that uses user
>>>> authentication.  We're using a couple of different schemes (LDAP and
>>>> database using JDBCRealm with hashed pwords, just database with hashed
>>>> pwords).
>>>> When no one has logged in for a while (90 minutes seems to do the
>>>> trick), the next login takes almost exactly 40 seconds on one host and
>>>> almost exactly 20 seconds on the other one.
>>> You might want to check for a firewall between tomcat and your 
>>> database.
>>> It could drop packets of a database session after a certain period 
>>> of inactivity.
>>> JDBCRealm keeps its (one and only) connection open and closes it 
>>> only in case of
>>> an exception (which might be a timeout).
>>> You should really consider using DataSourceRealm
>>> ( 
>>> instead.
>>> It will close connections (give it back to a pool) after usage and 
>>> can be
>>> configured to check the connection before it is used for 
>>> authentication/authorization.
>>>> Hitting a page in one of the webapps that hits the database for
>>>> application data, without requiring login, works fast even if it's
>>>> been idle for hours.  But then try to login and I get a 40 second
>>>> delay after whacking the "Log in" button on the login form. Looking
>>>> at it in more detail, the host and app with a 40-second delay has two
>>>> JDBCRealms configured, both inside of a combined realm.
>>> You haven't told us, how you configured your application database 
>>> connections,
>>> so we can only guess.
>>> If you are using standard tomcat connection pooling, you can 
>>> transfer that
>>> configuration to a pool, that can be used by the mentioned 
>>> DataSourceRealm.
>>> Regards
>>>  Felix
>>>> Are we seeing a 20-second delay in getting authentication via 
>>>> JDBCRealm?
>>>> Suggestions on troubleshooting this?
>>>> David
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