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From Albert Kam <>
Subject WebSocket scalability concerns
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2012 04:11:42 GMT
I am currently doing some research on implementing a chat system using
java on the server side.

I read a code example for tomcat on :

1. Horizontal scaling
I imagine that this example would work great for one server,
but if i had to add more servers to scale more users in the chat system,
what would be the reasonable strategy to get all existing connections
between multiple tomcat servers ?
I am currently having a plan to run multiple sessionless tomcat
servers behind a load balancer like haproxy (which they say is very

2. Resource
I would also consider using periodic polling instead of realtime 2-way
communication if using websocket will consume much resource on the
tomcat instance and therefore will be limited in the ability to serve
other requests other than chat.
Could anybody share his/her experience on this ?
Or perhaps is there any 'normal' numbers on how many active
connections can be served by a tomcat instance on RAM of 4G ?

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