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From Jose MarĂ­a Zaragoza <>
Subject Re: Session Close Problem
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2012 09:26:47 GMT
2012/8/13 Koray Duman <>:
> I think It is anything sending to server. Because I close the browser.

Well, I'm not an expert , so don't trust so much on my reply :-)

But, I guess that your browser doesn't notify anything to finish a
session, because session tracking is managed by server.
So, I think, only a TCP CLOSE datagram ( or something like that )
could be sent by TCP stack.

Why doesn't Tomcat close session when a TCP session is closed ? I
guess because TCP session and web session aren't correlated 1:1

So, I guess that I have to detect closing window event and send a
request to close web session. I guess ....

Maybe someone  expert can explain us

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