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From Miguel González Castaños <>
Subject Re: redirecting people to maintenance mode
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 10:44:40 GMT
On 20/08/2012 12:37, Jose María Zaragoza wrote:
>>    I assume I can use iptables to redirect people to a different web server,
>> but how can I know that I need to redirect them to the maintenance.html if
>> that server is serving other web pages too?
> You can try Valve filters .
> With Valve, you have access to Request and Response objects
> I didn't do ever , but it's an idea :-)
maybe I haven't worded my idea correctly. I can't assume the Tomcat 
service in server1 is running all the time (since it's under 
maintenance, tomcat might be restarted a few times during the 
maintenance). That's why I thought about iptables. The issue is that 
iptables run at the IP level while redirects work at application level.


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