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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Issue starting on Windows for tomcat 7 version
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2012 11:17:24 GMT
irfan pasha wrote:
> Well i have alternative of starting tomcat based on the OS. But i
> specifically want to use for both windows and unix
> operating systems.

What you want, and what is possible and/or supported, may be different things.

  For the past 4 years i am able to use it, but not
> only with this version. What is the major change that was done with
> this version. why does does'nt get started with this
> version on windows.

I don't know.
But just look at, lines 100-108 fo example.  I am not sure what will result 
there when running this from a MKS bash shell console under Windows.
(On my XP laptop under the MKS sh, "uname" returns "Windows_NT").
Probably not many people on this list would be sure either, as this is definitely not a 
common environment to run Tomcat, and probably not something that is ever tested.
Maybe the fact that it was running with previous versions was just a lucky coincidence.

By the way, if (from a MKS shell command window) I run "bin/" I get the same 
result as you, but if I run "bin/startup.bat", Tomcat starts up fine. (That is with Tomcat

7.0.21, Windows full version).

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