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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Profiling tomcat with java profiler
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 18:43:26 GMT
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On 8/9/12 5:51 AM, Ragini wrote:
> what my profiler profiles:- It gives me xml file containing list
> of methods in a proper sequence in which they were executed while
> running the server.
> *My question:* I do the above 3 steps 2 times in exactly same
> manner. So I have two output files say file1 and file2. I expected
> these files to be exactly same because I start the server, access
> the same application and stop the serever. But it seems that both
> files differ. I don't understand why. Could you please tell me why
> does it differ ? Are not methods of tomcat executed in exactly same
> manner for a same action ?
> Please find the files attach which I get two different files
> (file1.xml) and (file2.xml). I have attached differences also which
> it gives. I find these differences by parsing files.

Instead of dropping two files on the list, why don't you tell us what
the differences are (in general). It's fine to provide full the full
data to us, but don't make us wade-through it just ti get our bearings.

- -chris
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