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From Ragini <>
Subject Profiling tomcat with java profiler
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 09:51:05 GMT

Hi experts,

I try to profile tomcat server with java profiler. The profiler I use is 
not widely used. It is jp2.1 profiler. I use tomcat 7.0_29 version on 
ubuntu 12.04. My jvm is 1.6 (oracle). What I do is as following.

1) I start the script ./ which starts profiling the server.

I  have already put web application(war file) in webApps directory. Web 
application I use is, insecure web. 
Please note that I have created file to add parameters to 
profile tomcat.

2) I open the browser and type following to open the application's homepage:


3) then I run script to stop the server. After running of 
this script the profiler gives me output of profiling in xml files.

what my profiler profiles:- It gives me xml file containing list of 
methods in a proper sequence in which they were executed while running 
the server.

*My question:* I do the above 3 steps 2 times in exactly same manner. So 
I have two output files say file1 and file2. I expected these files to 
be exactly same because I start the server, access the same application 
and stop the serever. But it seems that both files differ. I don't 
understand why. Could you please tell me why does it differ ? Are not 
methods of tomcat executed in exactly same manner for a same action ?

Please find the files attach which I get two different files (file1.xml) 
and (file2.xml). I have attached differences also which it gives. I find 
these differences by parsing files.

I look forward to your reply.

Thanking You.

Kind Regards.


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