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From Kiran Badi <>
Subject Warning: js modified in the future- not able to find the files
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2012 03:35:28 GMT
Hi All,

I have TC 7.0.11/7.0.27 and Apache 2.2 all sitting in the C://Program 
Files/Apache Software Foundation folder.

I came across a strange issue today where in close to 10+ Javascript 
files were missing from the folder.

Below is the way I do things
I use dreamweaver for designing the page and under apache server, I drop 
all js/css/html files.Once design is finalised,I move those HTML/JS/CSS 
files to Netbeans+ TC 7.0.11 environment for building serverside code, 
and once its ready, I create the  build  and then I deploy it in TC 7.0.27.

Today for some reasons close to 10 + same js files were missing from all 
servers, I am lost as how to recover those files now,

I came across this message while rebuilding the project today,

Warning:  modified in the future.
Warning: js modified in the future.
Warning: js\lib modified in the future.

I dont know as what is cause of this,but I know nothing has changed from 
my system today.There is nothing in event logs

My environment is Win7 Home premium 32 bit,I am totally at the loss now 
as most of my client side functionality is gone and I am still assessing 
the damage to java code.

Just wanted to check if there exists any way to get back those files.

- Kiran

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