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From "Pid *" <>
Subject Re: is this idea even possible in tomcat?
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2012 19:22:01 GMT
On 11 Aug 2012, at 20:42, Elias Kopsiaftis <> wrote:

> I posted about this a bit earlier, and I was told WebSockets were a better
> approach, but I am wondering is what I am trying to do even possible? My
> idea is to create a program that allows two users to connect through the
> server, and send images and text to each other. for the server, i have two
> servlets, one that uses comet, and one that does not. the regular servlet
> listens for requests, and broadcasts them to all the available connections.
> the comet servlet listens for connections, and once a connection is made,
> stores the response in a singleton that both the regular servlet and comet
> servlet have access to. the way its supposed to work is that the comet
> servlet stores the response to all connected, the regular servlet listens
> for messages, and once it receives one, gets a reference to the singleton,
> goes through all its responses, and sends the message to each connection. i
> can get my client to connect to the comet servlet just fine, via the tomcat
> logs, but i cant get it to connect at all to the regular servlet and i dont
> know why. when i print out the url used to connect to the regular servlet
> and use the browser, i am not getting any server errors, so it looks like
> it connects just fine, but none of my print statements in the inputservlet
> ever get executed, meaning it never processes. now i am wondering, is this
> idea even possible with the technology available in comet?

None of the above sounds like a good idea.
Use Comet/WebSockets and a message broker - the pattern you are
looking for is called publish-subscribe. For open source brokers you
can either use something like Apache ActiveMQ or RabbitMQ.


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