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From Jose María Zaragoza <>
Subject Re: PDF Download problem tomcat >= 7.0.27
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2012 13:46:20 GMT
2012/7/30 Michele Mase' <>:
> IE 6.x on my test pc, but also IE8 with other pcs.
> Acrobat is 9.x, 9.5.1 version, a lot of clients have this version, an
> upgrade is not possible for now.
> I've reviewed the apache access log (when the doc is served by a web server
> apache connected with ajp with the tomcat), the only thing I see is an http
> 206 and a X showing that the client has closed the connection before the
> server "%X : X connection aborted before the response completed."
> The security zone is "internet".
> To reproduce the issue:
> Utilize the acrobat integrated in the browser
> Install a new tomcat 7.x on a linux machine, not windows with tar zxf
> apache-tomcat-7.x.tar.gz
> Put the pdf in any webapp, the ROOT is enough.
> Obviously use a recent jvm, I use latest version of 1.6 (.33)
> Start the tomcat (sh run or what you prefer)
> Point the browser to the url.
> Every time you want to retry, just empty the browser's cache and kill the
> explorer process.
> Tomcat >= 7.0.27 the error occurs
> Tomcat < 7.0.27 the error has gone.
> Michele Masè

Sorry, but works fine for me :

IE 8
Tomcat 7.0.29 , connecting directly to
Adobe PDF library 9.90 running into browser
Same PDF file

I could only reproduce that error by simulating a network problem (
changing proxy settings )


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