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From Tim Pizey <>
Subject Re: Tomcat7 deployment url change - please maintain backwards compatibility
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2012 17:04:05 GMT
Hi André,

On 13 July 2012 17:32, André Warnier  wrote:
> Tim Pizey wrote:

>> I only joined this list this morning, and am appalled by the lack of
>> constructive responses.
> Tim,
> this is probably a wrong initial impression, due to the way in which you
> phrased your initial message to the list, which sounded quite aggressive and
> condescending even to me who is not a Tomcat developer.
> This list is generally very helpful and polite, even to real Tomcat
> beginners. Consulting the list archives would demonstrate this.
> But the phrase
> "Please maintain backwards compatibility by supplying a default of html
> to the the manager url, you will save a lot of people a lot of pointless
> work."
> undoubtedly rubbed a few people here the wrong way, considering that Tomcat
> is open-source and free software, made mostly by volunteers on their own
> time.
> It rubbed them all the more the wrong way since they also take the time to
> write extensive documentation and put it on-line, and you did not seem to
> have even read it before posting the above phrase.
> Now you have a choice : you either continue with the same tone, and it will
> be a frustrating experience for everyone (but first of all for you, because
> you would end up just being ignored), or we "reset" the relationship and you
> might get answers and/or helpful comments. Of which by the way you already
> did get some, despite your unnecessarily aggressive tone.

I did read the instructions, for example I joined the user list,
rather than posting a feature request on JIRA.

Feeding back to developers through the list takes effort, there is
nothing aggressive about my

Getting user feedback is a privilege, increasingly people are not
bothering, preferring to use a forum like Stack Overflow where
negative responses, knee jerk RTFM etc can be costly.

What other mechanism should I have used to make this feedback?

Please also bare in mind that this is not for me, I have had to
reconfigure all my poms,
I feed this back for the good of your project.

hope this helps

Tim Pizey -

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