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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Context variation problems -- localhost versus VPS
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2012 22:01:41 GMT
> From: David Woosley [] 
> Subject: Context variation problems -- localhost versus VPS

> Development localhost: Tomcat 5.5.9

7.3 years old.

> Production remote VPS: Tomcat 5.5.3

7.9 years old

You are in serious need of an upgrade.  It's probably pointless to even look at anything so
ancient and that's had so many fixes applied to it in the intervening years.  5.5 is also
nearing end-of-life, so move up - now.

> ========== DEVELOPMENT configuration (localhost)
> c:\hello\myapps\cat
>      META-INF
>          context.xml

The above context.xml file is probably being ignored.

> c:\hello\myapps\dog
>      META-INF
>          context.xml

The above context.xml file is also being ignored.

> The Tomcat configuration (no changes to server.xml) looks like this:
> tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/cat.xml
> tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/dog.xml

What's in those files?  Telling us file names doesn't say much.

> ========== PRODUCTION configuration (VPS)
> /fast/pets/cat
>      META-INF
>          context.xml

Likely ignored, as above.

> /slow/pets/dog
>      META-INF
>          context.xml

Again, ignored.

> And Tomcat, again no changes to server.xml:
> tomcat/conf/Catalina/
> tomcat/conf/Catalina/

What's in those files?  If you have no changes to server.xml, they are being ignored.

> Please note that I am not using any "webapps" or "ROOT" folders.

You *must* have a webapp named ROOT - no exceptions.

> How should the contexts be configured in each situation?

Depends on what you want to do - which you haven't told us.  For example, what URLs do you
want the webapps to be accessed with?

> what are the "docbase" and "path" attributes for the Context 
> element(s)?

The path attribute is almost always illegal, and the docBase (not docbase - it's case sensitive,
even on Windows) is valid only if the <Context> element is in server.xml (not recommended)
or conf/Catalina/<host>/<appName>.xml.

> Once I get Tomcat configured correctly in each environment, 
> is it necessary to have META-INF/context.xml at all?

Depends on what your requirements are.  This is probably useful, although it contains some
tangential information:

You really, really, really need to upgrade, then work on the configuration.

 - Chuck

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