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From Piotr Wąchała <>
Subject Re: Problem with tomcat and jk module
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2012 16:39:57 GMT
sorry i dident wrote before but we "fight" with the problem.
My coleege from work, restart few switches and we think this was the 
No we observe in logs only [info] without errors or whitout disconecting 
clients from our network


W dniu 2012-07-24 18:30, Piotr Wąchała pisze:
> ok, thanks for advice, but I checked my "front end" enviroment.
> Before connection goes to front end apache, must go to firewall and 
> next to load balancer.
> I remove from this chain load balancer, and it was still the same.
> In firewall I dont observe teardown connecion or sth. like that. (I 
> can`t quit the firewall from this chain)
> I try to attach pid and tid form tomcat to apache(adding %P %{tid}P %D 
> to apache LogFormat) and search the problem, but I think it isent good 
> clue. I cant exactly correkate problem in jklogfile and apache access.log
> The funny thing is the whole system works ok. for over 2y and in last 
> week just from day to another day it starts to work terrible.
> I even change my isp, still no progress.
> Q: What is causing that connection to close, before the response can 
> be sent ?
> A: I will try to answer to this after 9pm.
> Piotr
> W dniu 2012-07-24 15:12, André Warnier pisze:
>> Hi.
>> Thanks for the very complete information about your environment.
>> Piotr Wąchała wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Maybe someone can help me with my tomcat problem.
>>> Hope that wont be a big problem for you.
>>> Im observing that our client are disconnected from server, that is 
>>> very bad situation.
>> In my experience, this kind of message :
>>> In jklogfile.log
>>> [Tue Jul 24 08:43:22 2012] [17466:47245693265248] [info] 
>>> jk_handler::mod_jk.c (2620): Aborting connection for 
>>> worker=loadbalancer
>>> [Tue Jul 24 08:43:22 2012] [17023:47245693265248] [info] 
>>> ajp_process_callback::jk_ajp_common.c (1885): Writing to client 
>>> aborted or client network problems
>>> [Tue Jul 24 08:43:22 2012] [17023:47245693265248] [info] 
>>> ajp_service::jk_ajp_common.c (2543): (worker1) sending request to 
>>> tomcat failed (unrecoverable), because of client write error 
>>> (attempt=1)
>> in 99% of the cases, indicates a problem that is NOT with Apache 
>> httpd or mod_jk or Tomcat.
>> It is that by the time (tomcat+mod_jk+apache) want to send a response 
>> back to the client (the user's browser), the eonnection to that 
>> user's browser does not exist anymore, so they cannot send it. (And 
>> all the other messages after that, are because after this error, 
>> things kind of get out of sync.)
>> This can happen
>> - either because the user in front of that browser decides that he 
>> has waited long enough, and clicks on another link (or closes the 
>> browser)
>> - or because some piece of equipment or software closes that 
>> connection before (tomcat+mod_jk+apache) had a chance to send back 
>> the response
>> (It happens that in-between routers/firewalls/gatewaysw/proxies, if 
>> they do not see anything happen on a client connection for a while, 
>> will close that connection - to gain on the number of connections 
>> that they must manage).
>> (Both either/or causes above are also more likely if your Tomcat 
>> requests are so that they take a long time to be processed and 
>> generate a response)
>> So the first place to look, is the link between your client 
>> (presumably a user browser) and the front-end Apache.  What is 
>> causing that connection to close, before the response can be sent ?
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