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From Piotr Wąchała <>
Subject Re: Problem with tomcat and jk module
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2012 16:30:07 GMT
ok, thanks for advice, but I checked my "front end" enviroment.
Before connection goes to front end apache, must go to firewall and next 
to load balancer.
I remove from this chain load balancer, and it was still the same.
In firewall I dont observe teardown connecion or sth. like that. (I 
can`t quit the firewall from this chain)
I try to attach pid and tid form tomcat to apache(adding %P %{tid}P %D 
to apache LogFormat) and search the problem, but I think it isent good 
clue. I cant exactly correkate problem in jklogfile and apache access.log
The funny thing is the whole system works ok. for over 2y and in last 
week just from day to another day it starts to work terrible.
I even change my isp, still no progress.

Q: What is causing that connection to close, before the response can be 
sent ?
A: I will try to answer to this after 9pm.


W dniu 2012-07-24 15:12, André Warnier pisze:
> Hi.
> Thanks for the very complete information about your environment.
> Piotr Wąchała wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Maybe someone can help me with my tomcat problem.
>> Hope that wont be a big problem for you.
>> Im observing that our client are disconnected from server, that is 
>> very bad situation.
> In my experience, this kind of message :
>> In jklogfile.log
>> [Tue Jul 24 08:43:22 2012] [17466:47245693265248] [info] 
>> jk_handler::mod_jk.c (2620): Aborting connection for worker=loadbalancer
>> [Tue Jul 24 08:43:22 2012] [17023:47245693265248] [info] 
>> ajp_process_callback::jk_ajp_common.c (1885): Writing to client 
>> aborted or client network problems
>> [Tue Jul 24 08:43:22 2012] [17023:47245693265248] [info] 
>> ajp_service::jk_ajp_common.c (2543): (worker1) sending request to 
>> tomcat failed (unrecoverable), because of client write error (attempt=1)
> in 99% of the cases, indicates a problem that is NOT with Apache httpd 
> or mod_jk or Tomcat.
> It is that by the time (tomcat+mod_jk+apache) want to send a response 
> back to the client (the user's browser), the eonnection to that user's 
> browser does not exist anymore, so they cannot send it. (And all the 
> other messages after that, are because after this error, things kind 
> of get out of sync.)
> This can happen
> - either because the user in front of that browser decides that he has 
> waited long enough, and clicks on another link (or closes the browser)
> - or because some piece of equipment or software closes that 
> connection before (tomcat+mod_jk+apache) had a chance to send back the 
> response
> (It happens that in-between routers/firewalls/gatewaysw/proxies, if 
> they do not see anything happen on a client connection for a while, 
> will close that connection - to gain on the number of connections that 
> they must manage).
> (Both either/or causes above are also more likely if your Tomcat 
> requests are so that they take a long time to be processed and 
> generate a response)
> So the first place to look, is the link between your client 
> (presumably a user browser) and the front-end Apache.  What is causing 
> that connection to close, before the response can be sent ?
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