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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: force embedded tomcat 7 to listen on ALL adresses
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 14:03:36 GMT
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On 7/17/12 6:42 AM, Alexander Shutyaev wrote:
> Ok, I've figured out it DOES listen on ALL addresses no matter
> what hostname is, but somehow requests only succeed if they have
> the hostname matching with the one set by Tomcat.setHostname(...)
> (which is localhost by default). I'm not sure where the requests
> fail, but they do.

What happens when the requests don't "succeed"?

If you have a connector bound to (or ::) then it should accept
connections on any interface.

If you have a Host defined that is the default, then it should respond
to all requests that don't match another Host.

As long as you set the hostname before calling any of the more
interesting methods, then the hostname you specify should be the
default. If you set no hostname, then it will default to "localhost"
and will be *the default Host* so everything should work.

Please describe in more detail what happens. Also, if you could post
your entire use of the Tomcat class, that would certainly help.

- -chris
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