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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Solved - Connecting Tmcat and IIS
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2012 09:15:43 GMT
Vijaya wrote:
> Andre Warnier, thanks very much pointing the shortfall in my message.
> I myself have been using isapi_redirector for more than 3 years without 
> any problem and suddenly for unexplainable reasons (I am sure it was not 
> the isapi_redirector problem but some other problem in our server that 
> was driving me crazy) from my server end, I could not make the 
> isapi_redirector work in our server and this new software helped me 
> solve the problem.


NO, you have /NOT/ been using isapi_redirector for 3 years.
You have been using isapi_redirector2 <-- emphasis on "2".
isapi_redirector2 was a parallel development to mod_jk2 <-- emphasis on "2", which is a

different thing than isapi_redirector and mod_jk (both without "2").
And much of the confusion and loss of time has been that, all along, you have been talking

about isapi_redirector, when really you meant isapi_redirector_2_.

isapi_redirector2, despite its name, is not just a "version" of isapi_redirector.
It is a different thing altogether.
isapi_reirector2/mod_jk2 are software that was developed at some point as a possible 
alternative to isapi_redirector/mod_jk, but was then (9 years ago) abandoned.
And the fact that it is called isapi_redirector2, which somehow implies that it may be 
more recent than isapi_redirector - which is not the case - is unfortunate, but it is so.

That what I and other people on this list have been trying to tell you, but that somehow 
did not come through clearly enough.  And we also do not know why, 3 years ago, you or 
someone else chose to install and use the abandoned isapi_redirector2 on that server, 
instead of the developed/maintained/supported isapi_redirector.
That was a mistake. But it is now history anyway.

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