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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Solved - Connecting Tmcat and IIS
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2012 11:29:41 GMT
Vijaya wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I want to post this message so that if you are struggling with
> isapi_redirector to connect Tomcat and IIS. From one of the posts in
>, I came to know about a new redirector for IIS7
> after wasting around a month to make the
> isapi redirector failed in my server.  This new redirector installation has
> an automatic installation that will make necessary changes automatically. No
> need to change the registry, properties file and add virtual directories.
> This one worked very well for me.


it is always nice to hear about alternative open-source methods to fill particular 
requirements, and from their homepage at least, this new connector looks really nice.
So thank you for the information, and hopefully this will result in more people trying it

out and reporting about it.

This being said, a note : in your message above, you seem to imply that isapi_redirector 
(the Windows version of mod_jk), which is a project under the Tomcat umbrella and which is

supported on this list, is difficult to install and configure etc. and that this other 
software is much better and easier.
Not to take anything away from the "Boncode AJP connector" (as it is named on the 
webpage), but for a balanced interpretation of the above I would advise any readers to 
first scan the list archives, for the thread entitled "iis not looking for jsp in tomcat 
webapps folder" for the full story.

The isapi_redirector/mod_jk connector has been around for many years, has been installed 
and configured and is being used succesfully by many thousands of people on production 
websites worldwide, in a very wide range of configurations and circumstances.
It is also well-supported and kept very closely in sync with changes in Tomcat.
And, the configuration and usage of mod_jk and isapi_redirector being practically the 
same, it is in effect multi-platform, running under Windows as well as under Linux and 
multiple Unix variations.
In contrast, the Boncode AJP connector is one year old, and is single-platform(Windows).
This is not at all to say that this new connector is not an excellent piece of software (I

don't know, I have not tried it yet), but the fact that for Vijaya it was much easier to 
deal with is not necessarily a general circumstance, yet.

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