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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Speeding up RMI calls
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 21:21:47 GMT
On 09/07/2012 16:55, Andrew Kujtan wrote:
> Tomcat Version: 7.0.27
> OS: Windows XP/7
> I'm fixing an issue we are having with a webapp that does some
> communication over RMI with a remote  server. Calls that would be
> instant in similar applications not inside the tomcat container are
> taking more than 30 seconds when called from tomcat. After debugging
> I've found that  when an RMI call is made, the classlist containing all
> the jars in the webapp lib folders is being serialized with the data.
> Which wouldn't be a problem normally, except the webapp has >300 jars in
> its lib folder.

In the other similar applications, are there 300+ jars on the classpath too?


> The only solution I have found is to create a custom WebAppClassloader
> that returns a zero length URL array on the getURLs() call. We don't do
> any dynamic class loading so breaking that is not a problem.
> My question is, is there any other way to resolve this, like a
> configuration property? If not, are there any problems that I am going
> to introduce by overriding this method? Can I override the classloader
> for just this webapp or am I stuck doing it for the entire tomcat
> instance?
> Thanks,
> Andrew Kujtan



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