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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: How to support IPv6 on Apache Tomcat Version 7.0.22
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2012 16:37:57 GMT
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On 7/9/12 3:34 AM, Aditi Sinha wrote:
> Thank you so much. We specified the BIO connector implementation
> for HTTP and AJP protocol and the setup now supports IPv6.
> Is there any preference among the three connectors "BIO", "NIO" and
> "APR"? How should one decide which connector to opt for?

IMHO the NIO connector should be your best bet: it can serve the
highest number of clients with the lowest overhead *and* does not
require any native code to do it. So, it's more effective *and*
simpler to deploy. Also, NIO (and APR) support the Comet protocol
whereas BIO does not.

You can certainly use NIO with AJP, though you may have to reconfigure
your AJP bridge to get the benefit of additional AJP connections from
the web proxy -- otherwise, you're just going to be using the standard
N:N connection mapping between httpd and Tomcat, and won't get the
benefit of being able to handle many (thousands?) connections from
httpd to Tomcat with a smaller number of request processing threads in
your <Executor>.

- -chris
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