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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Any way to deal with too many request per second?
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 00:35:47 GMT
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On 6/29/12 7:57 PM, Brian Braun wrote:
> I created a RESTfull service. My clients are sending me HTTP
> requests, and I return them responses. Usually, a client makes at
> the most 1-2 requests per second which is totally fine, but some
> clients sometimes make about 30 requests per second and that makes
> my server suffer, even though I'm using a load balancer with two
> servers behind it. I would like to find a way to deal with this.
> The best thing would be to delay them when they do that, not to
> totally stop or ban them, but to slow them somehow. Maybe creating
> a queue for them, or maybe putting them in a lower priority, until
> they slow their requests. I could program this myself, but I guess
> there is already a solution somewhere. Maybe a Tomcat valve could
> do it? Does anybody know one? Or maybe some kind of filter? Any
> suggestions?

You are looking for a feature called "traffic shaping" or "quality of
service" (QOS), which is something Tomcat does not do (at least not
directly). You should look at your load balancer's options to support
either of these features.

If not, you could look at something like mod_qos for Apache httpd. It
will require another component, but it will get the job done. The
alternative to something off-the-shelf like that, of course, is to
implement it yourself.

- -chris
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