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From "burghard.britzke" <>
Subject Re: Any way to deal with too many request per second?
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 07:19:08 GMT
a Filter may help. But the clients must handle the situations if they are rejected because
of the load. 


Am 05.07.2012 um 02:35 schrieb Christopher Schultz <>:

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> Brian,
> On 6/29/12 7:57 PM, Brian Braun wrote:
>> I created a RESTfull service. My clients are sending me HTTP
>> requests, and I return them responses. Usually, a client makes at
>> the most 1-2 requests per second which is totally fine, but some
>> clients sometimes make about 30 requests per second and that makes
>> my server suffer, even though I'm using a load balancer with two
>> servers behind it. I would like to find a way to deal with this.
>> The best thing would be to delay them when they do that, not to
>> totally stop or ban them, but to slow them somehow. Maybe creating
>> a queue for them, or maybe putting them in a lower priority, until
>> they slow their requests. I could program this myself, but I guess
>> there is already a solution somewhere. Maybe a Tomcat valve could
>> do it? Does anybody know one? Or maybe some kind of filter? Any
>> suggestions?
> You are looking for a feature called "traffic shaping" or "quality of
> service" (QOS), which is something Tomcat does not do (at least not
> directly). You should look at your load balancer's options to support
> either of these features.
> If not, you could look at something like mod_qos for Apache httpd. It
> will require another component, but it will get the job done. The
> alternative to something off-the-shelf like that, of course, is to
> implement it yourself.
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