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From "Pid *" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat7 deployment url change - please maintain backwards compatibility
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2012 17:49:55 GMT
On 13 Jul 2012, at 18:04, Tim Pizey <> wrote:

> Hi André,
> On 13 July 2012 17:32, André Warnier  wrote:
>> Tim Pizey wrote:
>>> I only joined this list this morning, and am appalled by the lack of
>>> constructive responses.
>> Tim,
>> this is probably a wrong initial impression, due to the way in which you
>> phrased your initial message to the list, which sounded quite aggressive and
>> condescending even to me who is not a Tomcat developer.
>> This list is generally very helpful and polite, even to real Tomcat
>> beginners. Consulting the list archives would demonstrate this.
>> But the phrase
>> "Please maintain backwards compatibility by supplying a default of html
>> to the the manager url, you will save a lot of people a lot of pointless
>> work."
>> undoubtedly rubbed a few people here the wrong way, considering that Tomcat
>> is open-source and free software, made mostly by volunteers on their own
>> time.
>> It rubbed them all the more the wrong way since they also take the time to
>> write extensive documentation and put it on-line, and you did not seem to
>> have even read it before posting the above phrase.
>> Now you have a choice : you either continue with the same tone, and it will
>> be a frustrating experience for everyone (but first of all for you, because
>> you would end up just being ignored), or we "reset" the relationship and you
>> might get answers and/or helpful comments. Of which by the way you already
>> did get some, despite your unnecessarily aggressive tone.
> I did read the instructions, for example I joined the user list,
> rather than posting a feature request on JIRA.
> Feeding back to developers through the list takes effort, there is
> nothing aggressive about my
> feedback.
> Getting user feedback is a privilege, increasingly people are not
> bothering, preferring to use a forum like Stack Overflow where
> negative responses, knee jerk RTFM etc can be costly.
> What other mechanism should I have used to make this feedback?
> Please also bare in mind that this is not for me, I have had to
> reconfigure all my poms,
> I feed this back for the good of your project.

That does sound a little condescending.

Konstantin points out that you are rather late to the party on this
topic. I don't recall the list being deluged with complaints about the
Tomcat adoption has continued to accelerate during the above period.

Given this, it rather seems like the project has survived the change...


> hope this helps
> Tim
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> Tim Pizey -
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