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From "Au, Leon" <>
Subject Re: Change in behavior of parsing Content-Type header since TC 7.0.27
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2012 22:26:53 GMT
On 6/25/12 9:19 AM, "Au, Leon" <> wrote:

>There was a recent change to how Tomcat handles the Content-Type response
>header in order to address Bug #52811
>We've noticed that this can cause issues with client code when parsing
>the response.  We traced the issue to that fact that Tomcat now breaks
>apart the content type string and then reassembles it.
>util/http/parser/  A space character before a
>'boundary=' clause that would be part of the original content-type string
>would be removed as a result.  For example, what used to be
>Content-Type: multipart/related;type="text/xml"; boundary=MIME_boundary
>Is now (since 7.0.27)
>Content-Type: multipart/related;type="text/xml";boundary=MIME_boundary
>Technically speaking, thereĀ¹s nothing wrong with this and I think it
>follows the MIME standard outlined in RFC-2045.
>However, it does break clients that may be using libraries that are not
>so tolerant.  For instance, the Ruby library soap4r fails to parse the
>response header in this case.  Would it be possible for Tomcat to somehow
>retain spacing format from the original setContentType call?

Bumping since there is talk of cutting 7.0.29 soon and I'd like to see if
we should consider this a regression that might get fixed or if we should
just work around this with each client we encounter that is affected as we
find them.


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