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From Peli <>
Subject Moodle & Tomcat
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2012 16:21:09 GMT
Tomcat version: 7.0.27 x64
SO: one with [linux debian 6] & other with [Windows 7]
Configurations: Using php/java bridge 6.2.1
Tomcat [conf/web.xml] extra configuration (+ added to file):
<web-app xmlns=... >
+ <listener><listener-class></listener-class></listener>
+ <servlet><servlet-name>PhpJavaServlet</servlet-name><servlet-class></servlet-class>
+ </servlet>
+ <servlet><servlet-name>PhpCGIServlet</servlet-name><servlet-class></servlet-class>
+ <init-param><param-name>prefer_system_php_exec</param-name><param-value>On</param-value></init-param>
+ <init-param><param-name>php_include_java</param-name><param-value>Off</param-value></init-param>
+ </servlet>
+ <servlet-mapping><servlet-name>PhpJavaServlet</servlet-name><url-pattern>*.phpjavabridge</url-pattern>
+ <servlet-mapping><servlet-name>PhpCGIServlet</servlet-name><url-pattern>*.php</url-pattern></servlet-mapping>

---- I added this config to [WEB-INF/web.xml] in my app with the
following content:

<!-- Welcome files -->


Moodle requires to create the resource directory outside of the
deployment directory [webapps], the moodledata directory is created
directly in [...\apache-tomcat-7.0.27\moodledata]
moodle upload files to that directory but in the course when you want
to download one of these files, it displays a 404 error resource not

the files can be accessed from outside the webapps directory?

what I need to configure?


Néstor Fabián Peña Estrella
Tecnólogo en Sistemas de Información-Univalle
Estudiante Ingeniería de Sistemas-Unicauca
Miembro Core, Student Tech Club Unicauca.Net

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