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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: AprLifecycleListener initialization issue
Date Sat, 23 Jun 2012 09:05:10 GMT
2012/6/22 Francesco <>:
> Hi , i'm new in this mailing list, i've started recently to integrate tomcat
> in some of my applications ( i found a lot easyer to manage tomcat inside a
> big servlet than viceversa), as early adopted java developer i hope to help
> a bit in tomcat development when i become a bit more expert, at this moment
> my tomcat integration it's stuck with the AprLifecycleListener class,
> i've compiled, installed apr ,jni, ssl and so fort documentation is a bit
> tricky on that... expecially for path+external variables handlings and
> compiling configurations,
> i really hope to have time to build a guidelines for everything about
> that...
> ...anyway i'll go to explain my issue :
> public class AprLifecycleListener
> it's a class which load jni component and check for apr existance and
> versionm,
> at first request it call  :
>  private static void init()
> then set a boolean private and unaccessible variable which avoid successive
> calls
>   if (aprInitialized) {
>            return;
>        }
> my problem is that this class seems to not recognize apr in my computer.. i
> don't know exactly when this is called, anyway if i overload this class and
> force to call the init() again within my overloaded class it works...
> i don't have a ready to test class , it will take some time to produce, but
> if really needed i'll do..

1. AprLifecycleListener is a LifecycleListener.
That is, you must add it to a server and it will react on lifecycle
events coming from it.

2. Tomcat-Native  is a native library.  There are JRE limitations
associated with that:

One of them is that such library must be loaded exactly once. You
cannot load it twice. You cannot load it from two different class

This issue usually comes up with JDBC drivers that have native components.

In the FAQ:

3. If you want to debug Tomcat, some tips are in the FAQ.

> my problem is that this class seems to not recognize apr in my computer.

The actual error messages =?

5. Do you need Tomcat-Native library at all? Tomcat runs fine without it.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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